Saturday, 1 September 2012

How to hide a file behind an image

Sometimes one need to carry some personal data that one don't want to share it with anyone.
For carrying purpose , data should me in a pen drive or a CD , so one cannot use folder lock as the data will not remain locked when pen drive is used in a PC with no Folder lock installed.
But if one  hide the data behind an image ,it will be completely safe.

To do so , one should follow thw following steps:

Hiding the data behind an image.

  1. Convert the data(personal in this case) into a  rar  file using WinRaR

   2.  Open command prompt and go the address where the data(personal in this case) and the image(leaf.jpg in this case) behind which data has to hidden , are pressent.

   3.   Type the command "copy /b leaf.jpg + personal.rar hidden.jpg " .
         Here leaf.jpg is image behind which data is to be hidden
         personal.rar is the data to be hidden
         hidden.jpg is the resultant image name after the data is hidden.


Retrieving the data.

1. Rename hidden.jpg to hidden.rar and open it using WinRaR.

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